Book Review: Wallbanger By Alice Clayton

“I looked back at the wall behind me again. My headboard was literally banging against it as the ruckus continued next door.” – Wallbanger, pg 3


Book Snippet

Bring on the laughter! This book will have you laughing through every page. Alice Clayton, knows her way around your giggle box, and this book does not disappoint. Throw in some sexual tension, and you got a book you may be reading way past your bedtime. Oh, and not to mention, the cover page will have you wanting to know what wallbanging is all about!

‘”Oh, God.”‘
‘”Oh, God.”‘
Thump thump. Wallbanger, pg 38

Ever wonder what happens when you move into a new apartment in San Francisco, that has thin walls and a male neighbor? Well if your Caroline, an interior designer, who just moved in you will find out the hard way. Poor Caroline not only gets to hear the “thump, thump” of her neighbors nightly activities, but also the meows, giggles, and spankings from his parade of lovers.

Now enter the wallbanger himself, Simon “sexy as hell” Parker, a photographer, who can’t keep it in his pants. One night his escapades push Caroline over the edge. Dressed in nothing but a pink nightie, she gives the Wallbanger a piece of her mind. Only to find him in a sheet and well…

Why this book…

Get ready for some all out fun and sexy banter, between the “O”- less Caroline, and the Wallbanger who brings the “O,” for all his “harem.” This book has it all! It’s hilarious, sexy, and of course full of some major wooing. Oh, and did you read the part where Caroline has lost her “O.” You’ll have to crack this book open, to find out just how “O” left the building and to see if Caroline can get her back.

There’s also lots of flirting, some boyfriend switching, a cat named Clive (I need a Clive), and well sex.

“I continued to check on my people. They had finally quieted down after several rounds of caterwauling.” – Clive the Cat, Wallbanger, pg 364.

Alice Clayton

From the cosmetics industry to USA Today best-selling author. She has become a new favorite author of mine and I cannot wait to read more of her work.


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