My Favorite Places to Read

I have two places where I absolutely love to crack open a book and get lost in the pages. These places are my favorite places to relax and turn off the world. My first place is on my couch, and my second is outside either under a tree or in the sun!

My Favorite Places to Read – My Couch

I love my couch, not only because it’s really comfy, but also because I’m not straining my neck. I can sit in a comfortable position and not get cramped. Of course, I can’t forget my favorite throw blanket to cover up with just in case I get chilly! Now, you’re probably thinking, “how do you concentrate?” That’s easy, I’m pretty good at blocking out the world when I start to read.


My Favorite Places to Read – Outside in the Sun

I love a good sunny day, that’s not too hot and not too cold, but perfect. I can sit outside with my pups and read while basking in the sun! The relaxing sounds of nature help the world disappear and make it easier for the book to come “alive.” Oh, and I get my tan on while escaping reality through the pages.



I can read just about anywhere, but these two places happen to be my all time faves. What are your favorite places to read?


  1. JoAnns Food Bites April 4, 2017 at 5:06 am

    It will be on my back deck, inside the screened in porch, once our house is complete.

    1. NerdyBookLife April 4, 2017 at 1:11 pm

      We are in the process of buying a home! I can’t wait to find my perfect cozy spot!

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