Buying a House: It Doesn’t Have to be a Nightmare!

So, you’re ready to buy a house? Think you got it all figured out? Well, so did we, until we actually started the process!

Take a deep breath! I’m gonna save you from the nightmare!

There’s a List

Before you even start looking at a house, there are a few things you need to make sure you’re ready to buy.

  • Credit scores 
  • Build a Savings 
  • Know what you want in a home

Pretty simple list, right? Well that’s just the beginning.

Now you need to find a Real Estate Agent!

Do your research because our first agent wasn’t the best. He was a nightmare and never really did what we wanted. If we had an offer price, he usually shot it down, and told us they wouldn’t accept it. He also only showed us 2 houses. So, we moved on to a new agent!

Our new agent was amazing. She, not only sent us a list of a lot of places to look at, she sent me new listings almost daily! We ended up looking at 6 houses in one evening, and finally chose the one! We made an offer and had no argument from her! Now, as of today we will be homeowners by the end of May!

After you choose!

Here’s where you give your life to a lending agent!

He/She will ask for a boat load of paperwork. By a boat load, I mean your life in paper. They will ask for everything from pay stubs to job history. By the way, you’ll need all this paperwork to get a pre-qualification letter, which is necessary for a contract.

So, you’ve got a great real estate agent, found your dream home, given your life in paperwork, and have a contract. What’s next? Well, now you wait to see if you get a counter offer or an acceptance. If you get a counter offer, you can come back with your counter offer and so on and so on. Eventually, you will come to an agreement and sign more paperwork and you will get to close and move in!


Now, you’ve got all your paperwork done, all your signatures on the dotted line, and your dream home picked out, you get to decorate and make it your own! It’s time to enjoy adulthood and relax in your very own home! 

(not my house)


What are some home buying stories you have or any advice for a first time home buyer?


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