How to Win My Heart!

Day 6 of the writing challenge is five ways to win your heart.
Yes, I am married and my hubby covered all of these and more to win over my heart!

5 Ways to Win My Heart 

  1. A sense of humor!
    • I love to laugh since it’s the best form of medicine. Also, my hubby is pretty funny and always keeps me laughing, even on my tough days.
    • I love me some cookies, especially the sugar cookies with icing on top! When it has been a particularly tough time my hubby usually surprises me with these cookies!How to Win My Heart!
  3. Understanding
    • As someone who has anxiety and depression, it makes the fight so much easier when you have someone who understands what you are going through. My hubby is very good at listening and helping me through my fight!
  4. Communication
    • Talking about anything and everything is important to me. I need communication to get a lot of things off my chest, and having someone who likes to talk about different things is the best distraction.

      How to Win My Heart!
      These birds looked like they were having an intense conversation!
  5. BOOKS!
    • Just spoil me with books and accompany me to the bookstore! My hubby just sits in the sports magazine section while I browse the store!

My husband does all of these and more to win my heart over.  I’m not very good at opening up to anybody, but he just makes it so easy! I can talk to him about whatever I need to and he never judges or says things that make it worse. He even helps come up with solutions to anything I’m struggling with. Also, if communication doesn’t work he knows when to just hold me and let me sit there till stupid feelings pass.


What does it take to win your heart? I’d love to know!!

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