A Peek at My Plans, Dreams, and Goals

Day 18 of the Writing Challenge is your plans, dreams, and goals. So, here is a peek at my plans, dreams, and goals!

My Plans!

  1. Work on a weeks worth of quote of the day graphics
  2. Launch my new landing page
  3. Give my dogs a good bath (they stink!)
  4. Clean out and wash my car
  5. Finish the first 5 chapters of my novel

My Dreams!

  1. Buy a house
  2. Publish my children’s book
  3. Build this blog to something bigger than I could ever imagine

My Goals!

  1. Gain 60 blog followers/subscribers
  2. Start monetizing my blog
  3. Read more books
  4. Learn a new hobby

These are just some of my plans, dreams, and goals. I have a lot more stored away in numerous journals! The ones I have listed are the ones I want to accomplish pretty soon. I love updating my plans, dreams, and goals on a daily basis, and this blog has made my want to accomplish way more things in my life!

What are some of your plans, dreams, and goals? What have you accomplished so far?


*** Announcement**
I am looking at changing my comment system since lately I have not been impressed with the disqus system. I will be syncing all comments back to the original WordPress comment system, so I hope I won’t lose any original comments. I will let everyone know when I make the change.  Also, you may have noticed I have been commenting on a lot of comments lately. That is because my replies were not showing up! They are now though!

Thanks for bearing with me as I’m learning this crazy blogging world.


  1. Beth August 15, 2017 at 1:02 pm

    We have many of the same plans, goals and dreams (minus the dog washing – no pets here – just kids!) Good luck!

    1. NerdyBookLife August 15, 2017 at 1:04 pm


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