Christmas Gifts for the Book Nerd in Your Life

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! It’s getting closer to that wonderful time of year! Now, I’m pretty much doing this post so I can give my family and Hubby some gift ideas on what to get me. Then I figured there were other peeps with book nerds in their families so this post might help more than just me.

Christmas gifts book nerd

Christmas Gifts fit for a Book Nerd

  • Book Quote prints/posters
    • These would be fun for decorating our reading space or office!
  • Bookish smelling candles 
    • Well if they are anything like me they probably love the smell of books! So, bookish candles would make them happy.
  • Bookish Jewelry/Accessories 
    • I would love to be decked out in bookish jewelry or accessories. There are some really cute pieces out there!
  • Bookish Clothes
    • Um, hello! Who doesn’t want to wear nerdy clothes with awesome sayings on it?
  • Book Ends
    • Every book nerd has bookshelves and what better way to keep your books upright than with bookends.
  • Bookish pillows/blankets
    • Us book nerds like to be comfy when we read, so pillows and blankets are a must when we read!
  • E-Reader Covers
    • Along with physical books, must book nerds have an e-reader, so a cover would be great to keep our e-reader safe.
  • Gift Cards to our favorite bookstores 
    • When in doubt gift cards are always a good way to go.
  • Last but certainly not least… BOOKS!
    • We love books, hence the term book nerds! So, why not get us a bunch of books! (Just try to pick the genre(s) we like before you go in blind!)

There you have it, you none bookish people! These gift ideas should help you in picking out the perfect gift for your lovely book nerd. Pretty if you get us anything book related, we will love you no matter what!

Christmas gifts book nerd

Now, you probably need some links on where to find some of these gifts, so here ya go!


Book Nerd Website 1

Bookish Type Prints/Posters

Flickering Tales on Etsy (Bookish Candles)

And of course, you can search Book Nerd Gifts on Amazon!

So, now you won’t be lost when you look for all those bookish gifts!

What are you looking forward to getting? Do you have anything I need to add?


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