Book Review of Sin from Six: A Men of the Strip Anthology

Hey, Nerdy Peeps! Today I am bringing you a review of one of the stories from a new release! Six: A Men of the Strip Anthology is releasing on December 18, and trust me you want to read this book!

Sin Never Looked So Hot

sin never looked so hot

Sin is a stripper at the club Six and he has his own issues after something tough hits him. Before falling into the bottle and losing himself, Betty sends him to a dance class to pull himself together. Being the tough guy he is, Sin was not happy about dance lessons, until he meets Sofia.

Sinclair and Sofia’s relationship is sexy, and Alice once again brings you an amazing, hot, and steamy love story that you can’t put down. They do have their struggles and Sin would rather keep Sofia a secret than show her off. Of course, Sofia is not having it. She wants more, but Sin can’t seem to give her more. You will have to read to find out what happens to their relationship because trust me it’s hot!

**I received this story in return for an honest review**

Now, one more tidbit, Alice I need a full story of Sinclair and Sofia! I need a full story!

sin never looked so hot

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