In Pieces by Christa Lynn Book Review

Hey Nerdy Peeps! Here’s another review and this one is a good one. I loved this book and I know you will too! 


When Hope Becomes a Memory


Thirteen years ago, I was ripped from my home and forced into servitude. My life was torn into pieces and became a living hell. Then, I was suddenly released into a different type of hell. A hell that knows no boundaries, that cares about no one. 
I will not trust anyone, I will not believe in anyone and I will not give in to anyone. 
I’m a survivor, and this hell, I will survive.


The world changed thirteen years ago. My life, as well as everyone else’s, was turned upside down. While others pillaged for food and water, I pillaged for weapons and books. If the Heretics want to take over the world, then I’ll lead the Mercenaries to battle for our country. 
I will not surrender, I will not bow down and I will not break. 

Kane refuses to let Jo sacrifice herself to find her family and he will do whatever necessary to put her pieces back together. 
Will she learn to trust again?
WIll she learn to put the power into Kane’s hands?
Or are there too many pieces to put back together?

in pieces by christa lynn book review

Book Review

Now, dystopian is not my usual cup of sweet tea, but this book was everything I could love in a book. It was a complete page turner and I couldn’t put it down. Just be warned that in this book there is some abuse. The women are kept as prisoners for sex and reproduction.

That being said when Jo could no longer have babies they threw her out into the dark and scary world. She found herself in a situation where thankfully she was saved by Kane. By the way, I love a good boy who saves the damsel in distress. I also love the bad boy tendencies Kane has. 

Their love story was a beautiful one and the friendship that Lynn throws in with the other woman who went through the same Hell was amazing and totally made the story. 

You definitely want to give this book a shot! You won’t be disappointed! 

Get your copy –

Now, if you’ll excuse me I am going to jump back into Missing Pieces, which is Christa Lynn’s second book in this series! 

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